Forgotten Promises

*Disclaimer* This is dedicated to beautiful Abbas and my Grandpa who was the king of giving. May God shower the mercy on both of the most beautiful souls I’ll ever know. “If you don’t have anything to give then give your time.” -Taha Mohammed

Dear children of Ethiopia,

On March 26, 2003 I made a visit to the beautiful country of Ethiopia. Poverty had reached at its highest point during my visit. But to my surprise children’s laughter filled the streets of Addis. Those streets are now empty and the only thing left behind is the piercing cries of the hungry children. 13 years ago I made a promise to a little boy named Abbas that I would come back and help flourish the cities of Ethiopia.  Abbas died 3 years ago due to severe famine and conditions haven’t gotten any better back home in Ethiopia but I’m happy to say my journey starts this summer in Ethiopia and I don’t easily break promise, so this is to my little Abbas. Abbas you’re the fighter and reason why I get up to live to my fullest.  Let’s fill those streets with laughter again! Who’s in???


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