Play Ball

I attended a Dallas Mavericks game a couple days ago and I wanted to observe the way people reacted in a fun and loud environment. Along with that I wanted to see if there were any change of behavior in different levels of the stadium. Starting off at the very top and making my way to the bottom of the stadium. I attended the game with my youth group. I sat next to my friend. I noticed there were a lot people looking around like they were waiting for something to happen but once the game started everyone’s focus was on the game. The excitement was sky rocketed at the start of the game but slowly died out towards the end. The environment was open and free but supervised. The stadium carried thousands of audience screaming and yelling from all different ends. Everyone seemed happy to be there but others seemed uninterested by the game.


The age ranged I focused on were from 25-40 years old. There were a greater number of guys than girls but I noticed girls were usually accompanied by another female and guys were accompanied by a male. I also noticed that everyone was just there to have fun and did not know much about either teams. Something that triggered my attention was a guy next to me and my friend, he kept smiling really awkwardly, numerous times to us. We felt suspicious because he kept looking at us throughout the game. After the second quarter there was a half time show and we moved out of our seats and sat at the lower level next to our youth group. During this time I realized everyone was pretty chatty and there was a lot of movement going around. Some people were getting food, others using the restrooms and some people watching the actually half time show. As time passed I realized people were slightly drunk which affected their behavior. I took my focus on one particular couple who were extremely drunk at the game. Their speech was unbalanced and slurred which slowed their motor skills, they also slightly had a temper. I also noticed the girl was a little oblivion and unknowing, I’m not sure if she was trying to flirt with him by acting dumb and when they stood up to walk right they tended to fall over a lot, if they drank just a little more they would have puked. They also did things they normally wouldn’t, they talked differently, could not text on their phone properly without stumbling type. I soon realized when you’re drunk your attitude changes. Which causes dizziness, slurred speech, and impaired judgment.


Human behavior is absolutely fascinating.  Observing people and trying to predict what they will do next can provide a real learning experience.  Human behavior is quite predictable in many instances. There is a strange phenomenon that makes people act the way they do. This especially true when one person is surrounded by other people. You are influenced by the people you surround yourself. When one encounters a situation like mine, they tend to communicate with the surrounding people. Yet, when there is just one person present, their behavior is completely different. Unfortunately, human behavior is so complex; it is hard to narrow down the exact reason. Personalities can be extremely complex but there are areas that can be understood with a high degree of accuracy.


After observing several people I realized I was caught red handed by my subjects.  Instantly they became more reserved and aware of their behavior. Some even went on their phone to leave the awkwardness.


During this experience I learned that humans are adaptable creatures who can accommodate to their environment. As I read the body language and movement patterns around me I then discovered what people are really thinking. I learned many patterns and every time I was observing I tried to identify those characteristics in other people. My greatest struggle was keeping my eyes open every time, especially in the beginning I had to keep my attention on the movements of others. I also had to be careful not to be too focused while observing others because I would occasionally give the impression of a spy. My favorite part was hearing what other people would say in order to make correlations between their movements and their words. The body language consists of two major parts. The movement of the body (hands, legs, posture etc.) and the facial expressions.



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