What does the future really hold?

It seems the older we get the harder decisions we face. We make decisions without knowing the outcome and leaving us in more of a despair than before. I remember as little girl the hardest decision I had to make was whether to get an M&M or Oreo McFlurry (I ended up getting both). The choices we make lead us to our future, take for example your new Sedan you might not have had it if you didn’t take the extra shift from Betty or even the simple fact that you wouldn’t be eating Mexican tonight if you hadn’t married Jenny over Diana.  Once upon a time there was a time much simpler than now but we grew up and its time for us to make smarter, wiser, and better choices for the sake of our future. When making decision keep in mind there are no crystal balls in life, so there is no way to know what lies in the future. Attempting to predict the future is a largely frustrating and are pointless endeavor. You can only make the best decision based on the available information, and your present feelings. Also, recognize that this isn’t your final decision on your career and life; you will have many “forks in the road” ahead of you and few are irreversible (except parenthood). That should help put the decision in perspective and reduce its feeling of enormity. Lastly something I personally turn back during my time of despair is God (or for others a “higher being”). I mean what not of a better way to raise our hands and talk to the Lord himself. Its remarkable to be able to have that kind of connection with the creator of all creation. “Oh God, if my intended action is better for my religion and my faith,for my life and my death, for this world and the next, then make it destined and easy for me, and give me your blessing for it.”


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