“America The Great”

Killing myself in the American dream
How does it feel?…
Drowning in “Deals
and value-less “Value” meals
Endless maybes
and assembly line babies
The wombs
have become tombs!
The unborn much better off
than the living-Dead!
Most have replaced a computer
for a head
Digitized humans!
What’s your Social Insecurity number?
My complexion looks pale
I’m just another sale
Using me to make your commission
Selling me off without my permission!
Numbing myself with fads
Feeding false hopes with catalogs, commercials and ads
Everywhere you look is a commercial
and an attempted persuasion
Even the sky is raped
on occasion!
Everything is hurried
do I even have time to be buried!
Or just dumped out with the morning trash?
then replaced in a flash
What is happening to this endangered species?
Human waste is not feces
But a wasted human
that has mutilated its own soul
For the American Dream!
How do you REALLY feel!
Like a piece of MEAT!?
When is the last TIME you listened
to your own heart beat?
Listen real close and you will hear……
The sound of the Great Clock
of the Great Machine!
Dark veins…
pumping nothing but OIL!
Waiting for God to come and spoil
this splendid NIGHTMARE!!!
That I am having every single day!
The children no longer
come out to play
Because they’re all adults
Adults by the age of 5 !
Never experiencing
what it means to be alive!
An imagination destroyed
by a Virtual Void!
The natural barrier around curiosity
has been Blown to bits and pieces,
By Full-disclosure media
and instant hormonal releases!
Our laughter
is now a growl
We no longer clap to cheer
but bark and howl!
Howling like the animals we want
so badly to be
Not wanting to be tamed
just roaming free
To do what ever we want
to satiate insatiable desires
Are we the Children of Adam?
or children of the Fire?
What corrupted
the sacred semen?
Intercourse with
a demon?
Or negligence in loving
the One worthy of ALL love!
The Originator
of all creation
The One of whom
even the animals make glorification
As they struggle to maintain the balance
in the midst of the New World Order
But the American Dream
rapidly encroaches upon its border!
Threatening to end once and for all
this last great reminder…
That the Great American Dream
is nothing but a BLINDER………
how do you Realy feel?


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