Dear Deah,

You’ve lived the life that many dream to live. You’ve striven for excellence while the rest of us failed. You’ve made thousands rethink the way of life and made nations move. You’ve soften the hard hearts. You’ve inspired millions. Though many of us haven’t met you we still share the same love. The love of God.

Dear Yusor,

I wish I could have met you all but it wasn’t meant in the path of Allah which he has created for us, instead it was meant for me to do what you couldn’t finish, my dream is your dream. I have made an oath to myself to not only dream but to do. I swear to God I will do.

Dear Razan,

Hundreds might forget but I won’t, I won’t forget what America’s terrorist did to you. I will make sure the rest the world won’t forget what happened on February 10, 2015. It shook nations and will forever leave a scar as we lost 3 beautiful heroes.


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