The Truth of The Real World

“Don’t let the school system define you, stand out and be miraculous.” –Lina Mohammed

One word. School. The word itself just gives most a headache. Why we hate it so much? The longer we go to school the more we are praised for yet we choose the easy way out. We are constantly reminded that it’s to prepare us for the “real world,” but is it really? This is how an average person’s life goes…he is born and nurtured by his mom till the age 4 then he is sent to pre-school (more for fun then to learn) then he continues his elementary years from the age of 5-11 years old and within those 6 years he learns his multiplication tables, ABC’s, The United States’ Presidents by heart, and the process of how to conduct a science experiment “properly”. Then he moves on to middle school/junior high learning little more about himself and his talents which one might be sweeping girls off their feet (or at least he thinks so) and here he also learns how hard it is to speak a foreign language. He might even come to find out he has some kind of interest in art and hope to use it in the future. Then of course, he moves on to high school aka the bottomless pit of hell that involves raging hormones and awkward stages of puberty and just when he thought it couldn’t get any harder he takes chemistry and doesn’t care how he passes just as long as he does, he wanted to take an art course but he knew his parents wouldn’t be very happy so instead he took an engineering class knowing his parents would be very proud of him, he finds out how ugly the world is in AP World History just like his new group of friends, he joins some engineering and robotics club and within a blink of an eye high school is over. Or is it really over? Though he’s been in school for about 15 years he still doesn’t have enough knowledge to move on to the “real world.” Pause. This kid has been in school for more than half his life and he still doesn’t acquire the skills to go to this “real world” everyone is talking about? Let me burst the bubble, if you haven’t noticed we already live in this “real world” so why are teachers preparing us for something we already know about? For 15 years we learn just the basics and you’re saying it takes another 10 years or so to actually get the skills needed to be successful? WHY? Why does it take so long to get a degree and start pursuing our careers when in reality, life as we know it is …well… short? Once we have reached 25 we start our careers and then all of a sudden our hearts realize and decide that we feel lonely and we begin to desire an “other half”. Once we have found that person, at about 30 years old, we decide we want to start a family. We THEN have to take a break in our careers till our kids grow up and once they do, they will then have to start the vicious cycle that we too went through all over again. You know, it’s really funny how we complain about this whole entire cycle, but in the end we ourselves put our kids in that same exact tiring cycle that we went through. To summarize into perspective the angle I’m trying to make clear is that on average humans tend to go to school for about 20-23 years only to work for about another 10 years on average. NOW do you see what I mean? What if I told you I’m not going to college because I don’t think it’s necessary for me? Say that I’ve been offered a head start in my career. In addition to that what if I also told you by the time you finish college and start your career I would have made triple the amount you would make in 10 years, becoming far more successful than you will ever be. Would you join me? Would you join me knowing that I didn’t go to college, not achieving any distinguished degree? All I have with me is some life lessons and a book. No, not your 11th grade US History book, but a holy book. How did I do it you ask? Let me tell you a secret that might shock you: college isn’t for everyone. Pause for all the parents’ high-pitched cries of disagreement. The reality of it all is this; just because you didn’t go to college DOES NOT mean you can’t be successful. Look, for god sake, at the creator of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg who dropped out of Houston University in 2004 and is now controlling 16% of the web! So before I end this extremely long and boring post I want to remind you all not to let others tell you what to do or control your future. Follow your passion and do what makes you feel right. If you can’t find a path to follow MAKE ONE. Only you can leave the lasting marks in this world my friend.


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