The True Heroes

Why is it that we find ourselves compassionate only to those whose troubles we know, but assume that all others are privileged and therefore not in need of our consideration unless earned? We only perceive others as heroes if they have triumphed over a struggle that weighs us down, or achieved a goal against odds similar to our own. What if I told you I had cancer? Would I suddenly appear bolder and braver than those without it? Or perhaps I lost a loved one, or suffered a traumatic event? Would that suddenly make me easier to understand or relate to? Everyone should be recognized and celebrated. Those who don’t fit “criteria” tend to find the joy and beauty in life unlike those who are constantly given the attention. I like to see it this way, only God knows. Everyone struggles even if we don’t see it. That’s why I say everyone is a hero in my eyes whether they have suffered traumatic event or not. The fact that they’re living to their fullest without complaining is enough for me to see them as a fighter because very few can even just do that easy task. Day in, day out I constantly hear people complaining about their life but I laugh to myself and sigh, if only they knew, would they still treat me the same way? For a split second I think to myself should I tell them then I realize what good it would be if I tell. All I need is God and he is my witness. I don’t need pity or sympathy, I just need strength to carry on.


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