The Headache of the 21st Century

Something that has been bugging me lately are boys. Yes, boys. There are certain behaviors about them that drive me crazy, I don’t know why but it’s really aggravating. Here are the top 3 things that I hate about guys.

-They are immature: It’s really annoying not being able to have a serious or “heart to heart” conservation without a hint of laughing or joking around

-They don’t treat women with respect: Please explain to me why its automatically thought that a girl’s opinion is not as valid compared to the guys.

-They resent being given advice: Guys have this ideology that they’re always right and if they’re not then they won’t admit they’re wrong. They hate being wrong and worst of all they hate being advised. (I call that being stubborn to the extreme)

So, why can’t they be wired to understand girls? I’m not sure but I hope if you’re a guy reading this please be respectful and understand where us women are coming from. Don’t be so closed minded to things you don’t understand, women are usual a lot more wiser and know best in most cases.

This is not categorizing all guys but just the ones I have personally encountered


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