Say Goodbye to the Blues

I used to hate winter. It was never cold enough but it always managed to keep the whole Texas population curled up near a fire place. The worst part about the winter is I get so cold at night I have to wear my onesie with a fur jacket, 3 pairs of socks, gloves and a winter hat. Going to sleep or hunting? Exactly. Winter can really kill a girl’s spirit compare to the golden sunny days. However, there is beauty and joy you can find in the winter. Here’s what I do to keep my winter as warm as summer…

  1. It’s time to soak up that vitamin D, whether by taking your daily vitamins and minerals or just going out. Our body needs as much sunshine as possible especially during the winter. Taking a 20-30 min walk is a great way.
  2. Do something that genuinely makes you happy. It’s never too late to read that book you’ve been trying to get your hands on, or that new recipe you’re dying to try.
  3. Don’t wait for motivation. Do some winter cleaning and feel good about it. If you have nothing to clean maybe try to recreate your living space or clear out your wardrobe to something new (don’t forget to donate)
  4. Open your eyes and notice those small details you’ve been passing by because of your busy life. Its great time to reflect and just to look back on everything you’ve accomplished over the year. Go somewhere you haven’t been in a long time and see if it has changed from the last time you went.
  5. Enjoy activities you normally would in the summer. I love swinging in the park. Don’t be ashamed to just go out and have fun!

Winter can be a depressing season but you can change that by finding your own cure to the winter blues (or should I say the winter flus.) Use this time to spend with the family before school and work takes over your life again. Drink up some hot cocoa, sit back and relax and don’t forget to smile(:


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