You Know You’re Ethiopian When…

Lately I’ve been a little more in touch with my Ethiopian side than the usual, so I thought I would share something humorous and give you guys a taste of the Ethiopian culture and things I face with my family on a daily basis, I hope you enjoy!

  • You have at least 10 relatives in D.C.
  • You can spot a habesha from a mile away
  • Your house and clothes smell like onions
  • Your mom is in the kitchen for 10 hours
    & still is not done cooking or cleaning
  • Your last name is your father’s first name
  • Your mother and her friends call each other every
    day to update each other on gossips
  • Your parents always make you take pictures by flowers
    or beautiful things to send to Ethiopia
  • Your parents want to call your name but they call all your
    siblings first before they finally get it right
  • A party starts at 3 and everyone shows up at 6
  • Your parents tell you that the only REAL careers is being a
    Doctor or Engineer
  • You recognize a simple family gathering to be more
    than 50 people you don’t recognize
  • You know at least 7 people who drive a taxi
  • When going to weddings you never know who the person getting married is
  • Your mom says: “shat up your mouz”
  • You have never heard your parents say …”I love You”… to each other
  • You are forced to eat more injera even though you have
    already had 2 plates
  • Your parents are positively sure you will marry habesha,
    and will have it no other way
  • Its forbidden to get anything lower than A on your report
    card, maybe a B, but a C is out of the question
  • You always try to get a discount at a store even if the item
    is on SALE
  • Your parents tell you how everything is better back home, water, food ,etc.
  • Your family members fight over who gets
    to pay the bill
  • At every wedding it looks like all the
    women have robbed a jewelry store
  • Everybody back home thinks that you are RICH
  • You hear people say:
    “elelelelelelelelelelelele,” at weddings
  • Your parents say they’re going back home every
    year and never go
  • You have family members who’ve been in the states since the 80s,
    and they still have an accent and don’t know
    how to use a computer
  • The men are always in the living room talking about
    politics, and the women are in the kitchen gossiping while all chewing khat
  • All your relatives live nearby, and most are in walking distance
  • When you misbehave in public and that silent glare your mom makes at you, you know you’re in deep trouble when you get home
  • You’re forced to wear a jacket even when it’s not cold
  • You keep old or ripped clothes to use as washcloths or dust rags
  • Your parents refer to you as “mama” and “baba”

Here’s a funny video I came across obviously related to Ethiopia


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