Eat Humble Pie

I thought I would share with you guys a chapter from my new book that I’m in the process of finishing. In this section you will see the challenges a teen girl faces when she makes the difficult decision of wearing a hijab (Muslim headpiece). 

Eat Humble Pie

 Sweaty palms, slumped shoulders, so many unfamiliar faces, my feet were glued to the tile floor. I adjust the piece of fabric that now covered my once long lushes’ curly hair. This was all so strange even for me, hundreds of thoughts started prickling through my head causing me to have a migraine. “Did I make the right decision in wearing this?” I thought to myself.  If this was my choice why should I care what people think. “Excuse me, are you lost?” cried a women who looked somewhat familiar in the most unpalatable voice ever. My face flushed out a bright red pigment across my cheek, I shook my head and I quickly ran to the gym entrance where they were about to host the 6th grade assembly. My phone read 7:08, eight minutes late, perfect not only I’m I wearing a hijab but I’m late. I took a huge breath and prayed this wouldn’t be my death sentence. “Let the staring begin.” I thought to myself as I took a step inside the gym were 600 or so bodies stared at my tardiness..


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