Saturday nights don’t always consist of Netflix…

So like any other average teenager I get bored on Saturday night and sometimes I like to do research on random things (most of the time beneficial.) I decided to write about what I spent doing on my homecoming Saturday (don’t feel bad I really did enjoy it) Here it goes:

The “Most In-Demand Jobs,” according to Ferguson’s Career Guidance. (RN) The number of nursing schools across the United States are unmeasurable. Recently we’ve been seeing a huge increase in people seeking to be nurses. Registered nurses (RNs) in particular are the healthcare professionals considered to be the backbone of the healthcare system. They may work and supervise the licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants. They typically work and are in charge in assigning theme tasks within the hospital setting. The job of a registered nurse can be very challenging yet rewarding at the same time. Elementary teachers another on the list, teachers are very vital for our future generation to grow. Teachers are an extremely important facet of any society for a multitude of reasons. Teachers are the people who educate the youth of society who in turn become the leaders of the next generation of people. Teachers are the people who are teaching children and imparting knowledge upon them in their most impressionable years, what these kids learn from their teachers at a young age will most likely stay with them in some facet for the rest of their lives. So, teachers certainly have a significant mark on the development of young children and even older children alike, as they are teaching them and helping them develop their knowledge so that they can go on in life and be responsible and productive members of society.

On the “Highest Paying Jobs,” I found it interesting to that many careers like airlines pilots get paid as high as a surgeons and physicians. Pilots are one of the most important components on any aircraft. Computers can’t think their way through the many problems presented and their training allows them to calmly think their way through the many problems and react in an exemplary fashion. Surgeons another on the list because it is a very common career to pursue. Surgeons typically are trained on the latest skills techniques to successfully complete the intended procedure. They are trained to help people who are having difficulty with their health and make everyday task easy for them.


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