Oh My Psychology

So I’m fed up with people telling me that I can’t go anywhere with becoming psychologist well I’m here to prove to everyone that I can, as Taylor Swift once said haters going to hate. So what exactly does it take to become a psychologist..well lets see:

Becoming a psychologist fall into the social science categories which gives you a lots of options if things as a psychologist don’t work out. Psychologists jobs is to teach, counsel, conduct research, or administer programs to understand people and help people understand themselves. Psychologists examine individual and group behavior through testing, experimenting, and studying personal histories because of this psychologists are required to get a professional license or certification to work. It can be quite difficult finding a job in psychology for those entering the field with only a bachelor’s degree will face strong competition for few jobs. The university career services office or a psychology professor may be able to help such a student find a position assisting a psychologist at a health center or other location.

Psychology is a science related career. As a science, it is a systematic approach to the understanding of people and their behavior. Psychology is a rapidly growing field, and psychologists work on a great variety of problems. The field of psychology is so vast that no one person can become an expert in all of its specialties. The psychologist usually concentrates on one specialty. Many psychologists teach some area of basic psychology in colleges and universities. Other are also likely to conduct research and supervise graduate student work in an area of special interest.

Its not going to be an easy journey becoming a psychologist but it will be totally worth it. Whether you want to be a psychologist or not do what you want to do because in the end you have to enjoy your career if not you’re wasting your time. Success doesn’t bring happiness, happiness bring success.


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