Building a Great Writer

I recommend everyone to find out their Myers-Briggs because it can open the doors to many great opportunities (I’m not just saying that cause my Psych professor made me take it). As a writer its crucial to know your strength and weakness, once I found out my MBTI I was able to not only know but understand both my strength and weaknesses. Here’s what I found out with my MBTI: Result shows that I’m a ENFJ (Extroverted, intuitive, Feeling, Judging) Being a ENFJ causes me to have little to no interest in assigned topics; It takes a while for my brain juice flowing. No two writers are the same because writers have numerous ways of writing, a variety of things can cause a writer to experience anxiety, and sometimes this anxiety leads to writer’s block. The best way for me to cure writer’s block is to simply give myself some time to question my motives for writing that certain topic but sometimes the topic doesn’t appeal to to me and I go through a process of boredom and just not wanting to do the writing its self. But something I learned over the past couple years is to pretend to be a person who would write that particular essay or ask some people who would be interested in that subject matter and try to put yourself in that person’s shoes. It only takes a few words, thoughts, and ideas to get you all excited and ready to write. I like to keep a notebook and pen wherever I go, because at any moment I might have an idea while going to class and it’s better to write it down that exact second than trying hard to remember it after a day or two. These techniques have to do a lot with my MBTI type in a way I never imagined. As a ENFJ its common for us to rush the writing process only because we have a fear of getting stuck and losing ideas but by keeping in track with our thoughts we can always refer back to them when writing the essay.


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