1, 2, 3 Click and Buy

We live in a time where convenience is important to us and the faster something is the better. Time has always been valued but recently become so precious to us especially when it comes to shopping, we’ve become so busy that we can’t even go shopping so we’ve relied on on-line shopping. The great thing about on-line shopping is that we’ve so much choices to pick from, to name a few: Amazon, Ebay, and Craiglist. But the question is which one is better, they’re so much choices but which website would be ideal to everyone.

On-line shopping is the new craze for men and women. Even children have accepted the new trend, they have the ability to select their birthday and Christmas gifts electronically. Consumers are able to purchase that special gift for that special someone for that special occasion without ever leaving their home. No need to worry about the parking availability at the mall or the hours spent walking from store to store to eventually leave without one bag. It’s convenient and we like that. Ebay was founded in 1995 and has been growing ever since. It has a huge list to pick from making it easy for everyone but has really had a huge impact on antique collectors, art lovers and motor lovers. Unfortunately Ebay isn’t as organized as Amazon, it doesn’t give as much option and sometimes it might make you feel discourage after realizing what you want is sold out or just too far away. EBay is accessible in most smart phones making easy for phone users to access it.

When you want to buy or sell something you want to go somewhere that has the best stability and Amazon provide both but there are some pros and cons for the company that everyone needs to consider. Amazon has one of the best feedback system, buyers can give feedback to sellers whether or not they can be trusted and how fast shipping was, ect. eBay sellers have a hard time with photos because people want to see the actual item, but Amazon uses the manufacturer’s photos and buyers still feel comfortable because that’s what they are used to. Amazon on the other hand has something called the A-Z Guarantee which allows buyers to return an item for up to 90 days.

Craigslist has been known for being a little on the complicated side on the on-line shopping making it a last resort for many people. It has an easy to do format for anyone who has an email address but other than that it could get pretty sticky. Joining is a simple task and posting advertisements and uploading pictures is a breeze on this site. But on the more positive spectrum there is such a wide varieties of products and services that are being offered, so you have a broad prospect to sell anything from job opportunities to houses and cars. Unfortunately because of it being a slow site and not always being 100% reliable it has really ticked off most people’s patience especially when comes to the crashing problems.

It’s clear to see that Amazon is a better, safer site compare to eBay and craigslist, eBay offers some better features but Amazon offers stability and peace of mind which helps it become accessibility to all users.


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